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JANUARY 16, 2022

We are very sorry that due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to do a video Mass for this Sunday, January 16.  We hope to resume our weekly video Masses starting next Sunday, January 23.

We continue to receive much positive feedback from the video of the Sunday Mass each week, and we thank all those who tune in to pray with us.

Let us all continue to pray for the health and peace of our world which is enduring such a difficult time.  May the whole human family be blessed with God’s peace in the New Year.

Fr. Joe’s reflection on this Sunday’s Gospel:

There is more here than meets the eye~

Today’s Gospel about Jesus attending a wedding reminds me of a wonderful young engaged couple who I came to know as they were preparing for their big day. What I found so admirable and encouraging about this couple is not only their mature and sincere love for each other, but also how deeply they believe that their faith in God is really what their wedding day is all about. They repeatedly told me that, although they will be celebrating with many of the customs and frills that are typically part of weddings in our culture, including a big reception, it is the wedding Mass that is the most important part of the day. They have spent a great deal of time looking over the various Scripture readings that can be used at a wedding. They have carefully planned the wedding liturgy. They have even shared with me their belief that, although they are the ones who naturally receive the most attention on that day, that it’s not just about them; it’s not just “their day.” Rather it’s about how we can all find the presence of our loving God in this beautiful event that celebrates their love for each other.

I think a couple like this would be very ready to understand the message of today’s Gospel. It’s the story of Jesus transforming the water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana. This first miracle that Jesus performed is about much more than a wedding. It’s even about more than the institution of marriage. And what is the “more”? It’s the fact that the commitment of a man and woman as they enter into marriage can tell us something about how God loves all of us. The “more” is the Christian belief that marriage is meant to be a living and visible symbol of the total commitment that God has for his people. As the bridegroom commits himself to love and care for his bride, so God is totally committed in caring for us with an unconditional and perfect love.

It is typical of Saint John who wrote this Gospel that he uses physical things and events to point to something more, something deeper. For Saint John, Jesus is the bridegroom and his bride is all of us who are the people of God, the Church. Today’s first reading reminds us that using marriage to symbolize God’s love for everyone goes back many centuries before Christ. The Prophet Isaiah says, “As a young man marries a virgin, so shall your Builder marry you; and as a bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so shall your God rejoice in you.” In the New Testament, the Church is even referred to as the Bride of Christ. This Gospel story is significant because it tells us how the simple circumstances of human life, in this case marriage, can point to something deeper, namely, the reality of an all loving and compassionate God who wants to “espouse” his people (from today’s first reading).

That’s the gift and wonder of Christian faith. It opens our eyes to see how human experiences can point us to something bigger. In a sense, that’s what all of the sacraments are about. For instance, Baptism and Confirmation are more than the water and anointing that we see; they are actions in which we are embraced and strengthened as members of God’s family. Confession is more than the words of absolution that we hear. It is Christ forgiving and renewing us and strengthening us to stop settling for less than we are capable of achieving. The Eucharist is more than the bread and wine we see. It is the real presence and intimacy of a loving God who is always ready to feed and nourish us, as we strive to walk each day in the footsteps of Christ by feeding each other with joy, trust, and peace.

The bride and groom mentioned above are right that their marriage is about more than just them. It’s about God’s love shining forth for all of us. All love – the love of marriage, parental love, the love of friends or neighbors – can reveal and open up for us the profound truth that when you see love, you are seeing the presence of God. Gestures of caring, concern, and reconciliation, simple acts of kindness or patience, even the challenges and dark times of our lives which prompt us to have compassion for others – all of these can lead us to find God. As Christians, let us become ever more aware that in every moment of our lives, God may be closer and more present than we realize. In every experience of love, there may be more of God than first meets the eye.

Fr. Joe


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