Parish Staff

Priests and Deacons

Rev. Joseph Schlafer, Pastor, ext 229
Rev. Lawrence Chadwick, Associate Pastor, ext 213
Rev. John Gilmartin, in residence, ext 204
Deacon James Bohuslaw, ext 510
Deacon Roger Mott, ext 511
Deacon George Reich, ext 512


Mrs. Donna Bellucci, Part-Time General Secretary, ext 200
Mrs. Gina Cicero, Part-Time General Secretary, ext. 202
Sr. Maureen Morgan, RSM, Volunteer Assistant, ext 201

Family Faith Formation

Mrs. Kathy Russell-Sica, Director, ext 223
Mr. James Tenney, Coordinator of Confirmation and
Assistant Director, ext 224
Mrs. Barbara Langabeer, Receptionist (pm), ext 237

Music Ministry

Mr. Joseph Graffeo, Director, ext 230


Sr. Lisa Bergeron, OSU, Director, ext 220

Youth Ministry

Marian Zahra, Director, ext 217